Private Lessons

Private lessons work on building reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The student and teacher study grammar, practice speaking and use a wide range of audio-visual instructional tools to flesh out the experience. Also, we like to have some fun along the way - check out our testimonials!

Private lessons can be booked for either one-on-one solo sessions or two students to a teacher. We offer flexible hours Monday through Saturday, please contact us for current availability.

The standard length of a private lesson with Portlandia is one hour and 10 minutes. After years of experience, we have found that one hour long lessons on their own are just enough to master higher levels of foreign language proficiency. Our students get the best results by immediately following the hour long lesson with 10 minutes of  conversation practice as reinforcement- thus 1 hour and 10 minutes!

We can even tailor lessons to fit your area of interest, previous topics have included:

  • Spanish for travelers
  • Medical Spanish
  • Legal Vocabulary
  • Business Spanish
  • Customer Service

We proudly offer the most affordable classes in PDX.

Single Student

Single 1 hour Lesson

Ten two hour Lessons (20 hours)

Two Students

Single 1 hour Lesson

thirteen 1 hour Lessons (15 hours)