Allison Bober



Volunteer of the Month:  Allison Bober

How do you get involved at Portlandia?

I attend an advanced Spanish Group and a class every week. I also go to the 7pm Thursday night Spanish Group Conversation. I log to take the Yoga Class on Friday night. I LOVE volunteering with the school for special events.

What are your favorite hobbies ?  

Well, besides Spanish……I love Cuban Salsa, yoga, and hiking.

Where are you from?

I am from Hillsboro, Oregon and have grown up in the Portland area for basically my whole life.

What do you like about the school?

I like that the school has chill atmosphere, I enjoin meeting friends, and helping the latino community in the United States and abroad. I have learned SO much from presentation at the school.

Can  you share a random fact about yourself?

Random fact, lets see…I am working on illustrating a children’s book.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);