Administrative Internship

Portlandia International school is looking for two interns. We work and help the community through education and empowerment. 


Intern Requirements:
• Positive 
• Punctual 
• Reliable
• Interest in learning about other other countries. 
• Commitment of 5 to 15 hours a week for 3 to 6 months (Negotiable)

• Bilingual in Spanish (preferred but not required)

Benefits & Incentives:
Although this is a non-compensated internship do offer a lot of perks such as: 
▪ Tremendous real industry experience,
▪ Cross-training, 
▪ business coaching and professional development. 
▪ Possible academic Internship Class Credit — Sign Off & Documentation (documents to be provided by Intern)
▪ Letter of Recommendation from Founder of Portlandia
▪ 4 hours of enrollment in a group class or 2 hours private class.

General Duties (include but are not limited to):
▪ Open the school (Keys will be provided)
▪ Leading weekly meetings of approximately 25 attendees
▪ General office work (copies, mailings, shredding, phones, etc.)
▪ Maintaining contact lists
▪ Driving Campaigns via social media (Facebook, Tweeter, Meet up, etc)
▪ Maintain and update website for classes, news, events through WordPress. (some training will be provided) 
▪ Create and organize a weekly meeting. 
▪ Be positive

Please contact us by email at or by phone: (503) 381-0785

Spanish Teacher Internship

We are looking for ​assistant Spanish teachers at Portlandia School. This position is for recent university graduates who have completed a Master's Degree in Spanish OR native speakers looking to go into the teaching field. This is a great way to get experience if you are new to the profession. By assisting in Portlandia School you will have ample opportunity to learn from an excellent mentor (Walter Osorio) and practice your bilingual education skills!