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New Classes!

Starting in May, Portlandia is offering English, Russian and French classes. These will be group and individual classes offered for all levels! Classes will be offered many days and times. For more information email us at or stop by the school!

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Placement Test for New Students

Are you unsure about what level of Spanish you have?

Portlandia at the moment is using a test provided by 123 Teach Me, if you have any questions, please let us know.
The test can take less than ten minutes and it will give you an idea of what level is appropriate for you.
*= beginner
**= begineer II
***= Intermediate
****= Intermediate II
*****= Advanced
(At the moment the test is not available for mobile technologies)
Portlandia will also conduct an individual assessment in order to satisfy you learning needs!

Please click on the link below!

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Reasons to Choose

Portlandia Spanish Language School was established to master foreign languages such as Spanish in Portland Oregon.

3 Reasons Why Students are Choosing Portlandia Language School

  • 1. We increase your learning potential by having you interact more within our small group classes.
  • 2. You can switch your class level within the 1st two weeks of the session if you feel you aren’t in the right one for you.
  • 3. If you need to miss or make up a class, that’s ok! Make-up classes are available at your level during the week you miss your class. In addition you may miss up to 2 classes in a session and get credit for them during the next session



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